The placement consulting services provided by Shelley Widoff at Paralegal Resource Center distinguishes itself from legal recruiters or agencies by specializing in Paralegals exclusively.

What is the definition of a paralegal? What qualifies a paralegal to practice? What education is required? Who approves/accredits paralegal education programs? Are paralegals certified? licensed? What legal tasks may be delegated to a paralegal? What do paralegals earn? And yes, paralegals are earning six figure salaries.

Shelley Widoff embarked on her paralegal career in 1972 when the field was being defined, which is why she can effectively answer these questions. She has written articles over the years with her perspective on these matters in the publication, Legal Assistant Today in columns "Ask the Expert" and "On the Docket".

Bottom line, a successful placement comes from relying on a proven specialist and pioneer in the field who can evaluate and assess a candidate’s education, experience, judgment and ethics. Shelley is brilliant at asking appropriate questions and listening to both the candidate and the employer as the starting point to reaching the goals of each party.
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There is no fee charged to paralegals for placement services including resume critiques.